T7 Intro – Audio Transcript

Hello. In this, the seventh track of The Rights’ Future, I think it is time now to tackle the law. As you’ll have seen from the Manifesto, we have a large number of tracks which are devoted to the law. It’s relationship with human rights is complex. On the one hand, it’s essential – you can’t do things with human rights unless you have the law on your side, or so is commonly believed. On the other hand, the law’s very powerful and very conservative – it tends to absorb emancipatory movements and destroy them.

In this track, I look in particular at The Human Rights Act, the UK measure which seeks to embed human rights in politics, and for that reason strikes me as a very successful model, which indeed the world could look to, when it tries to work out for itself, how to connect law and the law of human rights with politics, and the politics of Human Rights.