T5 – Video Intro – Audio Transcript

This week has seen the British Government launch an amazing array of attacks on the community:

  • In the form of the confiscation of university education for free
  • In the form of what looks like forced labour
  • In the withdrawl of support for the sick and the needy, under guise of their ability to work.

What are these people going to do about it? How do we fight back against the removal of what the human rights people would regard – and rightly regard – as basic human rights?

The last few tracks we’ve done have been about foundations. They have been trying to get under the core of human rights, identify a truth. And whether – rightly or wrongly – we’ve seen something in empathy, in giving, in compassion.

But this week’s track is not about giving, it’s about taking. It’s not about being nice, it’s about being difficult. If people do not assert themselves, human rights will not fall off trees, like ripe apples from their branches. They need to be striven for and struggled for.