T4 – Video Intro – Audio Transcript

Last week’s track on THE RIGHTS FUTURE left hanging in the air what is perhaps the most important question of all in the whole world of human rights – are these rights that we believe in so much and fight so hard for real?  Or to put it another way, do human rights have a foundation in any kind of truth?

The common track I am putting out this morning is an example of why this issue is now so urgent: if we are not careful we might as a culture find ourselves simply ceasing to care about people who are not like us or who do not have the advantages that most of us enjoy.  The same point could be made about many of the unlucky jobless or the disabled who are to be at the raw end of the government’s desire to cut public expenditure: are we getting used to the idea that everyone no longer needs to be looked after and supported in the way we have long taken for granted?  To resist this change effectively I think we need to be able to argue persuasively about the truth of human rights.

My final words last week were ‘A deeper truth is essential even if if we have to make it up’.  In this track I explain what I mean by this – some of what I have to say is innovative and I fear all of it is controversial.

I look forward to finding out what you all make of it!