T3 – Intro Video – Audio Transcript

This morning’s track is the first of my posts on The Rights Future to deal with the question of the truth of human rights. This has already come up in comments that have been made on my first two essays and beginning to tackle it now seems the right thing to do.

Are human rights true? Does it matter whether they are or not? If they are, where do they come from? If they are not, why do we take them so seriously?

No part of our subject is more difficult, or I would say more important. Without knowing where they come from and what they are, it strikes me that we’ll never be sure of the route we should take to the future. So there are a number of tracks on this and one or two common tracks as well, and this is the first one.

I have italicised a number of questions and points in what follows on which I’d especially like to get your views.

Instead of replying to your comments on Friday as usual, I will be doing so on Monday, on the same day as I post my next essay on the Rights Future. So you’ll have a weekend as well as the next few days to say what you think of the ideas.