T18 Intro Video – Audio Transcript


Well, this project is now drawing to a close. We’ve only got three tracks left, including this one. And next week, and the week after, I’ll be looking back at the project, how it’s gone, what the central themes have been. And also forward – to what we can do, as academics, as activists, as lawyers, to help make the right Rights’ Future a reality.

But before we do that, we need to look at the last outstanding issue in this set of essays: the question of peoples’ rights. Whether there can be such things, what the implications for human rights are of having something called peoples’ rights, which seems able to trump – or at least strongly oppose – human rights.

I’ve got strong views on this – I’m hostile to peoples’ rights – at least in so far as the term is understood today. And in the essay that follows, I try to explain why.