T15 Intro Video – Audio Transcript


This week I’m putting out two tracks. This one, on animal rights, is by a colleague of mine, Dr Alasdair Cochrane at LSE. This is unusual for me – the first time on this project that we’ve invited somebody else to contribute an essay to the main tracks. But it’s justified in this case: Alasdair is one of the leading proponents of a qualified approach to animal rights. You’ll see what I mean by “qualified”when you read his essay.

He attracts criticism – not only from people committed  to human, rather than animal rights, but also from those who think that he does not go far enough in the promotion of animal rights. So his is an interesting and valuable take on the subject.

I’ll be putting out a Common Track essay of my own on animal rights a bit later today. So you’ll be able to compare the two if you’ve got the time. But what I’m mainly looking for, and Alasdair’s looking for, is a response to the Main Track essay which appears under  his head, and my general title about Speciesism and human rights.