Side Tracks

Here I reflect on human rights in a more personal and whimsical fashion, thinking about the rights that I value most, the human rights activists whom I most admire and why my view of human rights has changed from one of scepticism to cautious support.

Side Track One – A Work In Progress
A few weeks ago I launched an unusual book at my university in London, LSE: not a word of it had yet been written.  When it is finished, The Rights Future will track the history, politics and various possible futures that lies in store for that most dynamic of contemporary notions, human rights.

Side Track Two – Control Orders
Six months into government, it is not obvious that much of the Lib Dem agenda remains other than this deep commitment to freedom.

Side Track Three – Higher Education
The protests last week against the imposition of high fees on university students raise a number of fascinating issues for all of us.

Side Track Four – Legal Aid
The Coalition government has turned the bankers’ crisis into their very own version of the attacks of 11 September, an ‘emergency’ justifying a series of assaults on the poor of which proper Tories like George Osborne may long have dreamed but which surely even they could never really have thought possible.

Side Track Five – The Internet: A New Frontier for Human Rights
Guest writer Paul Bernal gives us his views as to why, if we believe in human rights in the real world, we should extend those rights into the online world.

Side Track Six – Multiculturalism
The Prime Minister’s speech on multiculturalism, delivered in Munich last week, is said to have been the product of a great deal of thought and discussion.