Below is the video of the discussion at the debate marking the launch of the project at LSE.

These are the ten propositions which I have set out as my manifesto for the project.

  1. Human rights are social democratic politics for our post-political age
  2. Human rights need to be true even if we have to make them so
  3. Realising human rights must always be emancipatory and securing them might sometimes be revolutionary
  4. Labour rights are essential to human rights
  5. The great religions are more friend than foe to human rights
  6. In taming counter-terrorism law human rights has the chance to renew its soul
  7. Rights are for more than humans
  8. The powerful should be made to need human rights but they should never like them
  9. Human rights are for people not peoples
  10. Lawyers are wonderful for human rights – but as supporting actors, not the main act

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