Main Tracks

This is the planned structure of the final project. The tracks may not be published in the order below, but you can see how each will fit into the four sections.


In these tracks, I’ll be thinking about the often neglected political  aspect to human rights. I’ll be arguing that the best way to see human rights is political, and while this may involve us in disputes and arguments, these are a necessary part of making ethical progress.


Here I am considering the historical aspects to the subject, how it has changed over time and indeed how the meaning we give to human rights is variable in lots of interesting and often under regarded ways.


In this set of tracks I tackle what might be the most important question of all: do human rights really exist? Does it matter if they don’t? In other words, if human rights need foundations, can we provide them?


In this final set of tracks, I reflect on how the idea of human rights is likely to develop and dangers and opportunities which lie ahead.