Well, I’m in fairly relaxed mode this morning because this is the final post in the 5½-6 month long project, The Rights’ Future.

What I’m doing now is introducing the video of the debate I had at LSE with David Davis MP, on the future of rights – with me arguing that the future lies on the Left, and David replying that, contrary to what I say, Human Rights can be viewed as a Right Wing, or a Right-of-Centre notion.

So I hope you enjoy that,  and the audience interaction that follows, with the whole event ably chaired by my colleague and friend Francesca Klug.

But it’s the way we’ve chosen to sign off on The Rights’ Future, I’m not sure what comes next. I think it would be a good thing to have some kind of permanent record in book form, but the main thing has been the activity itself. The project’s energy has owed so much to you, the viewers, and those of you among the viewers and readers, who’ve actually engaged as well, offering comments along the way. I’ve been very very grateful to you all.

Some statistics are included in the start of my presentation in the debate, and you get a sense there of quite how many of you have been involved as readers, watchers and contributors. But for now, thank you very much, and Goodbye.

The Debate

This House Believes that the Future of Rights is Left not Right LSE Literary Festival, February 2011

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